Each era was famous for its style and fashion: from the importance of practicality to the value of aesthetics, from long hair and light stubble to short haircuts and long beard. The Razors Barbershop mixes styles! We choose an individual style for everyone, breaking stereotypes! We know how to improve your mood: stylish haircuts by our barbers, cosy atmosphere and sterling service! Get always high-quality recommendations from our Hair and Beard Care Masters! The barbers are joined by a common cause, but we create it in different ways. Welcome to RAZORS Men's Hair Salon and we will create an surpassing image for you!!!
  • Kyiv city,48A Shevchenka boulevard
  • +38 050 252 09 99
  • Seven days a week: 11:00 — 21:00
  • Zaporizhzhia city,14 Shevchenka boulevard
  • +38 099 538 76 18
  • Seven days a week: 10:00 — 21:00
Our Services
Barbershop price in Kyiv
Haircut Barber 400 грн
Buzz Cut Barber 200 грн
Beard Barber 250 грн
Haircut + Beard Barber 600 грн
Face Shave Barber 300 грн
Head Shave Barber 450 грн
Hair Removal (Depilation) Barber from 100 грн
Elegance Black Mask Barber 250 грн
Father + Son Barber 700 грн 
Haircut Top Barber 500 грн
Buzz Cut Top Barber 200 грн
Beard Top Barber 300 грн
Haircut + Beard Top Barber 700 грн
Face Shave Top Barber 350 грн
Head Shave Top Barber 450 грн
Hair Removal (Depilation) Top Barber from 100 грн
Elegance Black Mask Top Barber 300 грн
Father + Son Top Barber 800 грн 
Haircut VIP Barber 600 грн
Buzz Cut VIP Barber 300 грн
Beard VIP Barber 350 грн
Haircut + Beard VIP Barber 800 грн
Face Shave VIP Barber 400 грн
Head Shave VIP Barber 450 грн
Hair Removal (Depilation) VIP Barber from 100 грн
Father + Son VIP Barber 900 грн 
Barbershop price in Zaporizhzhia
Haircut Barber 300 грн 
Buzz cut Barber 200 грн 
Beard Barber 200 грн 
Haircut+Beard Barber 450 грн 
Face Shave Barber 200 грн 
Camouflage Barber 250 грн 
Elegance Black Mask Barber 200 грн
Father + Son Barber 500 грн 
Haircut Top Barber 400 грн 
Baby Haircut Top Barber 300 грн 
Beard Top Barber 250 грн 
Haircut+Beard Top Barber 550 грн 
Face Shave Top Barber 350 грн 
Camouflage Top Barber 300 грн 
Elegance Black Mask Top Barber 250 грн
Father + Son Top Barber 600 грн 
Here you’ll find the professionals of their craft, real artists, who know how to create the image of real masculinity from the smallest details. Using the best men's cosmetics, which we buy in very different parts of the world, we honour the tercentenary traditions of classic haircuts and beard care, and of course, the Royal Shave.

Visiting one of our Barbershops, you can buy the unique men's cosmetics from top brands

Barbers in Zaporizhzhya
Barbers in Kyiv
Gift Certificate
In any of our Barbershops you can order 350 UAH and 500 UAH Gift Certificates. It could be a great gift for any man! For the sum of the Gift Certificate you can order any services in any of our branches.

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How to find us
+38 050 252 09 99 Kyiv city,48A Shevchenka boulevard
+38 099 538 76 18 Zaporizhzhia city,14 Shevchenka boulevard